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Stories and messages on HIV/AIDS for Radio Upper West

Ik ben begonnen met het schrijven van patiëntenportretten voor Radio Upper West, die de presentator gebruikt om dat wat zich achter gesloten lemen muren afspeelt naar buiten te brengen. Hieronder volgen de eerste portretten.

(All the names are changed)

1. In a small town close to Wa lives Moses. Moses is a 29 years old teacher and the son of a well-respected family. One day, he met a very beautiful and friendly girl in the church. Her name is Margaret and she 26 is years old. She is working as a dressmaker and for that reason she moved to the same town. Also Margaret is a daughter of a well-respected family in her village. Both loved each other and they decided to get married. The wedding was announced in the church and the bride price has been paid. Everybody was very happy.

2. Shortly before the wedding day, Moses felt sick. He went to the hospital for blood testing. After the analysis the doctor called him and told him that he tested HIV positive. Moses was shocked and he did not know what to do. He asked himself so many questions. Should the wedding take place? Who should I inform? And how will my family react?

3. Moses decided to keep it as a secret. The wedding took place and after 6 months Margaret got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Thomas.

4. Moses felt sick again. He went to the hospital and the counsellor advised Moses to inform his wife or somebody who is close to him. And although Moses was afraid for their reactions, he decided to disclose.

5. First he informed his senior brother John, and Moses was very surprised about his reaction…his brother was feeling very sorry for him and promised to help him as much as possible. Together with John they informed Magaret. Margaret was shocked, she cried for a long time, but she promised to stay together.

6. Now five years later..Moses and Margaret are still together. Moses is getting weaker, but his family is taking good care of him. Margaret is still strong, but unfortunately tested also HIV positive. She is glad to know her status, so she knows how to take care of herself. Unfortunately…they lost their son Thomas.

7. Moses has a message for everybody:HIV is here in the Upper West Region, It can be me, It could be you and It could be everybody. Be proud of your life, abstain, be faithful or use a condom.
And as a community or a society, open your heart for your brothers and sisters who are HIV positive and fight the fight against this sickness together.

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